About Us


At Divergent Link, we strive to be different and will support students, graduates and alumni from various countries. Our recruitment will be purely online and candidates submit a 1- “Minute ME” video introduction along with their resume and uploading their personal & professional preferences.

At Divergent Link– we understand the different needs and create a unique recruitment experience and focus on our divergence to link with candidates, assist employers with a fast & efficient sourcing process while support the talents need in the region.


We are a talent sourcing agency that links companies, people and places that are not usually linked.


We thrive in recruiting talents by building strong relationship with partners and offering an engaging experience to our clients & candidates.


To be the distinguished talent sourcing company in Arabian Peninsula.

Create A Global Identity

We offer a 360 solution of international placements to guarantee a multicultural workforce for your business, handpicking the most suitable candidates from and with international hospitality schools background, giving you the success of tomorrow, divergently today 

Divergent Interns

Need interns and Trainees, think Divergent Link. We have a unique collaborations with hospitality schools giving the best to the hospitality industry to excel 

Divergent Pre-Screen Candidates

We have pre-screened and selected candidates who meet out divergent criteria nad meet the regional talents resourcing requirement

Minute Me

Screen candidates in just a minute with our very first minute me video. Let the candidates answer questions you have previously set up for them or watch their current video tell you, Why Them?